We appreciate that the costs encountered when learning to ride a motorbike is expensive. However you must wear appropriate clothing to ensure you are properly protected.

Please note that if you attend any training and are not appropriately dressed you will NOT be able to continue.

You will need:

  • Gloves – Motorcycle gloves are designed to be hard wearing and protect vulnerable parts of your hands.
  • Jacket –  Should be worn at all times when riding. A motorcycle jacket will offer the best protection.
  • Trousers – denim jeans are acceptable and should be thick material with no tears. Tight fitting/torn jeans are going to offer little or no protection.
  • Footwear – you must have ankle protection, we recommend motorcycle boots or another sturdy type of boot.

The following are guidelines for clothing that is NOT acceptable:

  •  Training shoes, canvas basketball trainers/boat shoes.
  • Any form of clothing with areas of exposed skin i.e. skirts or shorts.
  • Tight fitting jeans/leggings/jeggings etc.
  • A shell suit or lightweight tracksuit.
  • Ripped jeans/trousers.
  • Lightweight fleece or hoody.
  • No gloves or ski gloves.