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    COVID-19: Information for Students


    Any student who is deemed to be in the at risk/vulnerable groups should seek medical advice before attending CBT training. This includes persons who have pre-existing medical conditions such as compromised immune systems, cardiac problems, lung disease, diabetes or who fall within in certain age categories. For more information regarding these categories please go to the Government of Jersey website -> HERE. 

    The JSM will be requesting any students who have shown any symptoms of Covid 19 in the preceding 14 days prior to their CBT to not attend and to reschedule their dates until they have recovered or have received a negative Covid-19 test diagnosis.

    Students attending will be asked during the booking in procedure if they have exhibited any symptoms during the last 14 days. Any student attending the course who exhibit symptoms such as coughs, sneezing or show signs of fever will be asked to leave the premises and will have to rescheduled to a date when they have recovered or who have received a negative Covid-19 test result.

    CBT is required in Jersey before any provisional motorcycle licence holder can take to the road.

    The course comprises of the following five elements at a cost of £153.00 and is offered at weekends only.

    Introduction  instruction of the training course and the importance of having the right equipment.

    Practical on-site training  covers the motorcycle, how it works, its controls and basic machine checks.

    Practical on-site riding  instructs how to handle, ride and fully control the machine in various simulated situations.

    Practical on-road training  a comprehensive discussion about riding safely covering legal requirements, rules of the road, and the need to ride defensively. There will be a multiple choice theory test before going on the road. Failure to pass this will mean not going on road. A further £55.00 will be charged to retake the on road section the following week.

    Practical on-road riding  candidates will be required to put into practice the skills that they have learned during the four previous elements. Candidates are kept in contact with an instructor via radio headsets.

    Once all five elements have been successfully completed, the candidate will receive a CBT certificate that validates their provisional licence.

    Clothing & Equipment you need for the CBT

    CBT candidates must have a roadworthy motorcycle, a provisional motorcycle licence for the relevant group required and insurance cover. Suitable clothing to include an approved motorcycle helmet, motorcycle gloves, a protective jacket, hardwearing trousers and appropriate footwear with ankle protection.

    Candidates must  study ‘The Jersey and UK Highway codes’, ‘The Official DSA Guide to Riding – the essential skills’ and their motorcycle owner’s manual before attending the course.

     Roadworthy Motorcycle/Scooter

    Please note that it is now compulsory for mopeds and motorcycles to undergo an inspection if they are aged 3 years and older. Please read this information on the Government of Jersey website for more information. You will be required to verify that your moped or motorcycle has passed inspection if it is aged 3 years or older.

    On arrival your machine will be checked and must comply with the following basic requirements:

    • Brakes – both front and rear brakes must be working, brake pads must be checked for wear and should be replaced if worn.
    • Chain – should be lubricated and adjusted to manufacturer’s recommendation.
    • Electrics – working indicators, front and rear lights, brake lights when applying either the front or rear brake, working horn.
    • Suspension – must not be leaking and suspension should operate smoothly.
    • L Plates must be affixed to the rear of the machine securely and in an upright position.
    • Mirrors – You should have 2 mirrors – students will benefit greatly from having a right and left mirror fitted.
    • Tyres – must be correctly inflated, have sufficient tread depth and not suffer from any damage or be in poor condition due to age.
    • General condition – Loose bodywork, cables hanging loose or anything that may cause a danger to the rider or other trainees will not be allowed.

    If in doubt whatsoever have the motorcycle/scooter assessed/checked by a qualified motorcycle mechanic.

    To register for your CBT complete the above booking form and notify us of any dates that you will not be available during the next two months. Upon completion of the form you must pay the course fee of £153.00 to complete your booking.

    Once allocated, course dates cannot be changed at short notice without incurring a cancellation fee of £153.00. This amount may also be charged for retests.

    If you have any questions, please call us on 747431 or email us here