Merge Systems

Merging from one lane of traffic into another.

Approaching the Merge system (from just left of centre of your lane) keep your speed steady and:

Do an OBSERVATION to the left where the traffic in the lane you are going to merge into is coming from

Note:  this is different to the normal REAR OBSERVATION is a look over your right shoulder

2.  SIGNAL left, giving plenty of time for the vehicle behind you to know what you are intending to do

3.  Move across, but keep moving at the speed of the traffic around you

Note:  this will make it easier to merge into the other lane.  Do not stop!

4.  Do a LIFESAVER to the left (you may need to do several of these to make sure it is safe to move across)

5.  Move across when it is safe to do so

Procedure for Merging Video

This video clip shows the correct sequence for a MERGE into a right hand lane then a MERGE into a left hand lane.

Take note of where OBSERVATIONS are done and in which direction.

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